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Turning Your Fantasies Into Reality

Our service has been honed to be effective, affordable and above all enjoyable and so it's very easy to rent one of our Sex or Fucking Machines here in the UK. We offer a very quick and discrete service to customers old and new.

Hiring a Sex Machine In Simple Terms

Renting a Sex Machine from us is simplicity itself. Simply decide upon:

1 - Choose the length of booking that you require.

2 - Decide if you want any Lube or extra attachments with your booking.

3 - Place your booking and we will deliver one of our Fucking Machines to you via a courier service.

4 - Enjoy the Fucking Machine or Sybian then box it back up for collection by courier.

"Thank you for introducing us to the incredible fun that can be had with sex machines, we loved our booking and will definitely be renting again. I have never seen Sue come so hard and so often in my life, it was a lot of fun for both of us and we may try the Venus next so that she can tease me this time."

Susan & Dave - Reading Rental Customers

The two main conecerns that customers have with the thought of renting a sex machine are firstly hygiene (for obvious reasons) and secondly discretion (again for obvious reasons) and we have both of these totally sewn up.


We clean our machines using a medical grade cleaner (the same cleaner that is used in hospital operating theaters) and we always send out a brand new attachment/insertable with each booking. You get to keep these as we don't want them back as we never recycle insertables, this way you have peace of mind that the attachment we send to you is brand new.


Discretion is taken care of by our locked aluminium transit cases that carry no indication as to the contents on the outside and even the courier doesn't know what's inside. Each case is secured by two combination padlocks so you can even lock the machine away in the home so that prying eyes won't know what's inside.

Our service in simple termsHygiene is our number one priority, you get to keep the new attachment that we include with your booking

"I had seen a lot of videos and the thought of using a fucking machine really turned me on. When I got to try one it totally blew me away and exceeded my expectations. Thank for providing an amazing service."

Craig - Dundee Rental Customer

What's Next?

Check out our range of machines and get in touch if we can help you out.

Renting Makes A Lot Of Sense

As Sex Machines are so expensive it makes a lot of sense to rent one before going on to buy one. Why not try before you buy.
Combination Padlocks

Secure Transit Cases

No one, not even the courier knows what is inside our rental sex machine secure transit cases. The good thing about the cases is that you can secure the machine in it in the house away from prying eyes.
Treat Your Partner Or Yourself

Special Occasions

Renting a sex machine is a great way to organise a special evening, do something different from the norm. Our service is great for satisfying your fantasies and ticking something else off your sexual bucket list.
Gender Neutral

Anyone Can Enjoy It

Anyone can enjoy a fucking machine and whether you are on your own or part of a couple they can add an exciting new dimension to your sexual fun and games.