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The Christening Of A Sybian

I visited @MissMiranda01 at her dungeon in London to christen a Sybian with one of her slaves @StudentSherry. As you can see from my previous blog posts the event was a memorable one. I thought that I should share the thoughts of @StudentSherry with you all, so here are her thoughts on the meeting:

Ian has asked me to write a short review of the fantastic day when he was kind enough to let me christen (with lots of pussy juice…) the new Sybian machine he now has available for hire. To make a great day even more memorable, he arrived at my Mistress, Miss Miranda’s, London dungeon with two other fucking machines which he had lent me to try for the day. I had been looking forward to this for days and days, in fact, to tell the truth, my pussy had been leaking all over my panties for all that time in anticipation of what was to come.

For those who don’t know the Sybian, let me tell you: it is fantastic. For my first ride, Mistress Miranda dressed me head to toe in a tight-fitting rubber catsuit and hoisted me up into the air in one of her unique suspension harnesses which can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button on her electric winch. Ian positioned the Sybian right below me and Mistress, very teasingly and slowly, lowered me onto the machine. There wasn’t a lot I could do to stop it because she had already tied my hands up and had stretched my legs wide open with ropes to some of the suspension points at the side of the room (well she is The Bondage Mistress after all!) I could feel my pussy dripping into the rubber pants as I got nearer and nearer to the point of my clit touching the vibrating pad of the Sybian. Finally Mistress took pity and let my full weight press right down on the centre of the machine, sending electric shocks of intense vibrations right through my cunt lips and into my very soul.

Being lowered onto the sybianEven through the layer of rubber, I could feel an orgasm building and Mistress was kind enough to let me cum whenever I wanted. I think the first of the Big O’s happened within a minute or so as Mistress varied the speed with her handheld controls. I had quite an audience of interested photographers - and Ian himself - but I forgot everyone who was there as the waves of sexual fun coursed up and down my thighs and made me moan with pleasure. I’m always wet when I cum but this was threatening to turn into Niagara Falls in my tight rubber knickers and I could feel juice running out of my pussy and trickling right down the inside of the catsuit legs. Messy but such fun!

For Round two, Mistress opened the central zip of the suit, right between my legs and Ian attached the dildo in place on the Sybian unit. I watched with a mixture of fascination and a little trepidation as he showed Mistress Miranda the controls which could both rotate and vibrate the cock inside me, as the Sybian pad continued vibrating my already-sensitised clit. My hands were still in bondage and so when Mistress lowered me down again I wasn’t sure exactly how easily the cock would slide into my eager little hole. But my good friend Arnie was on hand to help. He kindly used his fingers to pull open my cunt lips so that the dildo slipped in and started its delicious, insatiable movement. Without my pants in the way, the sensations were even more intense and Mistress soon discovered that she could force me into orgasm after orgasm by varying how hard she pushed my crotch down onto the machine.

I had been teasing Ian that if it came to a ‘Woman versus machine’ contest then my cunt was going to win hands down – BUT I soon realised that the beauty of the Sybian (and Ian’s other fucking machines) is that it never gets tired, never needs to slow down and never needs to stop. After three of four more orgasms I could feel wetness dripping out of me and onto the machine below. I can squirt juice for England when I come but with the dildo rotating inside me I found that the moisture was seeping out around the edges rather than gushing as it might do if I just use my fingers or a vibrator. I finally was begging Mistress to lift me off again, or at least to slow the Sybian a little because there is a limit to how many times any woman can cum and still keep going for just one more!

Sherry enjoying three fucking machinesMercifully, Mistress and Ian decided that it was time to move into the dungeon’s medical room where they laid out an astonishing array of fucking devices to try a unique experiment with my body. Centre stage was the Sybian with its dildo attachment now removed but its clit vibrator very much in action. Immediately behind me was positioned one of the fucking machines, which delivered long, smooth steady thrusts of its cock deep into my now-gaping pussy hole. (Mistress had threatened that if I did not behave, the dildo would start thrusting in my tight little bottom-hole but she was good enough to concentrate on my ‘front-bottom’ only on this occasion) As I knelt over the Sybian and Mistress pushed the fucking machine dildo into place doggie-fashion as well, I realised the cleverness of the placing of the third fucking machine. A large, thick rubber cock was thrusting up towards my mouth, time after time, and it didn’t need Mistress’s instruction for me to get my lips opened wide and to take the cock deep into my throat.

It was a grand finale to end all grand finales; vibrated on my clit, fucked deep like a doggie on all fours and forced to deep throat a machine which kept on giving. I lost count of the number of orgasms that had been dragged from me by now, but the pleasure was still rolling over me in waves of passion that overwhelmed me completely. At one point I was vaguely aware of Ian and Mistress Miranda both laughing at my plight as I wriggled and squirted and writhed my way to climax after climax after climax.

So… can I recommend the Sybian to all you ladies out there? Hell YES YES YES…. Give it a try. It’s like the strongest vibrator you’ll ever know and opening your legs wide to squat onto it is as erotic a sight as your partners are ever going to see. I was glad that the attachments (for hygiene reasons) are all non-returnable because mine were so wet they will take weeks to properly dry. By the time we finished Arnie remarked (happily I might add) that the whole clinic smelt of pussy juice. I couldn’t answer him: the machines had won!!

The machines had won - that sums it up nicely

Try a fucking machine or a Sybian for yourself

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