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Join Our Affiliate Program

We started our Affiliate Program as a way of rewarding webmasters and bloggers who send us quality traffic. Atfer all why should it be only ones that benefit from the sales. We pay out a great 10% commission on shop sales and rental bookings alike and payout monthly if your balance is £50 or over. Given the price of the F-Machine Pro and the Sybian you can see that you can quickly exceed the monthly payout limit to have a regular income.

We will even give you a welcome bonus of £5.00 that will be paid out to you when you receive your first payment.

Our business has grown on the back of word of mouth recommendations and this means that most of our traffic and customers sources are from peoples websites, blogs and forums that recommend our products and services rather than just the search engines. Having an affiliate account means that our site will track everyone that you send to us using a cookie and if they make a booking or purchase within 90 days then you get the credit for the sale and a commission on it.

So it makes sense to sign up for an affiliate account and to change all of the links to us on your site to ones using the special code that affiliates get. Then you can sit back and watch the commissions come in, it really is as simple as that.

On-Time Payouts

Getting paid is the most important issue with an affiliate program and we pay 100% guaranteed. Payments are sent monthly via PayPal.

Statistics & Reports

Our affiliate administration area covers all of your reporting needs and is simple and easy to use. Reports are generated in real time giving you accurate data.

We Keep Customers

Earn commission on shop purchases and rental booking for everyone you refer. As we often get repeat business so your commissions can repeat as well.


We have very few rules, firstly don't sign up for an affiliate account to get a "discount" on your own purchases. Secondly and this is the most important rule - don't send out any spam mail. We are totally against spam and unethical marketing tactics and if we find out that you are resorting to these tactics then we reserve the right to close your affiliate account.

So what are you waiting for - START PROMOTING

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Join Our Affiliate Program

We are pleased to announce our new Affiliate Program. If you run a website, forum or blog and want to make some very easy money then read on.

You can sign up to our Affiliate program to enable you to use a special link to send visitors here. This link allows the site to track the visitor and if they make a booking or buy something from our shop within 90 days of you sending them here we will give you a commision on the sale.

It really is as simple as that. You can check your stats and pending commissions at any time in your account and we pay out monthly subject to a minimum payout of £50 and considering the cost of Sex Machines or a Sybian it won't take you long to acrue that sort of level of payout.

We will even give you a £5 bonus when you get your first payout - that really is money for nothing.

We'd love to have you on board, you can use your link code in e-mails (as long as they are not spam e-mails), on your site or blog, tweets, facebook posts or any other way you can think of to drive traffic here really.

We even supply some link graphics to use if you don't want to use text links.

You can sign up for the program here: JOIN THE PROGRAM

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Renting Makes A Lot Of Sense

As Sex Machines are so expensive it makes a lot of sense to rent one before going on to buy one. Why not try before you buy.
Combination Padlocks

Secure Transit Cases

No one, not even the courier knows what is inside our rental sex machine secure transit cases. The good thing about the cases is that you can secure the machine in it in the house away from prying eyes.
Treat Your Partner Or Yourself

Special Occasions

Renting a sex machine is a great way to organise a special evening, do something different from the norm. Our service is great for satisfying your fantasies and ticking something else off your sexual bucket list.
Gender Neutral

Anyone Can Enjoy It

Anyone can enjoy a fucking machine and whether you are on your own or part of a couple they can add an exciting new dimension to your sexual fun and games.