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First Timers

Well two nights ago saw me going to a booking with a couple and it was their first experience with a Fucking Machine. My first job was to put them at ease as they were quite nervous and I explained what the machine was capable of and how it could be used whilst assembling it infront of them. This just takes less than five minutes and takes no tools so its dead simple.

They were fascinated with the machine and impressed by its sturdy construction. Once it was assembled I asked who wanted ot try it out as I cater for guys as well as women obviously. It was a booking for the woman and the husband wanted to take pics and enjoy the show.

Once I covered some relevant safety info and talked about lube we got going. She was very shy, they said that it was the first time that they had ever booked an escort as well as the machine so I felt honoured at that and determined to give them a good session.

Well once she had lubed up we started off in the missionary position as this is a great one for watching and also getting used to the machine. I got her hubby to open up her pussy lips as I slid the machine forward until the tip of the dildo (I always use a new one with each client) slid into her wet pussy.

I then rotated the machines parts by hand, this is important as it checks that you can physically take the length of stroke set up, failure to do this could result in an injury if you just switch on the machine (Top Tip there).

Just doing this had her moaning and her hubby had a huge hardon just at the site of me operating the machine and sliding a dildo in and out of his wifes pussy.

Once this quick check was done I asked if she was ready and after she said yes I switched the machine on and set the speed to very slow, she sighed as it started to slowly fuck her pussy and her hubby started taking lots of pics as the machine did its job.

I then told her that I was going to slowly increase the speed to see how fast she could take it and I told her to tell me when she wanted it to not go any faster.

I started to speed it up and she got wetter and wetter as the dildo thrust in and out of her. She was playing with her nipples with her hands as she was getting fucked faster and faster. I took her to one thrust a second and she really started to pant.

At two thrusts a second she started to buck her hips to the dildo and I told her to keep still. She had an explosive orgasm at just over three thrusts a second and she actually squirted. Her orgasm lasted for ages and I slowed the machine down as she came down from her orgasm.

Her hubbies face was a picture, he'd been taking pics and actually got a shot of her squirting (another first for her LOL).

We had a short break and then I suggested that she tried doggy syle with the machine. She jumped at the idea as it was her favourite position and she got down on all fours. I slide the dildo up her and again cycled it by hand before switching it on. This time I gave the controls to her hubby and I took the camera off him, taking pictures of them both together.

He kept teasing her by speeding up and then slowing down again, she grabbed his cock and started sucking him off as she was being fucked hard from behind.

It didn't take her long to cum again and this set him off, he came in her mouth and she didn't spill a drop swallowing it all.

She then asked if I wanted to come over her breasts as she was being fucked with the machine and who was I to refuse. She changed positions and as she was being fucked hard I let my load go all over her breasts and nipples, she rubbed it all in as she came once again.

It was an evening of firsts for them and I am chuffed to bits that I was the first person that they had ever had fun with.

Hopefully I will be hearing from them again soon as I want to show them how to do double penetration with a fucking machine and a real cock.


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Renting Makes A Lot Of Sense

As Sex Machines are so expensive it makes a lot of sense to rent one before going on to buy one. Why not try before you buy.
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