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Double Penetration Anniversary Surprise

I was approached by a lovely lady by e-mail and she asked me if I could help her make a video as a surprise for her husband on their 25th wedding anniversary. Her initial e-mail to me is shown below (name changed to protect her anonymity).

Introductory E-mail

Hi Ian,

I hope you can help me out with something that I am planning to surprise my husband with on our 25th wedding anniversary. He has been trying to get me to try swinging and I have resisted so far.

The idea of filming me in action with another man really turns him on and I thought I could use one of your machines as a way of doing an anniversary video for him without actually going all the way with another man. If you would be happy to film me using one of your machines then I would very much appreciate it.

Yours Jean

Who was I to disagree and after a short e-mail exchange we sorted out the finer details of what she wanted to do and which toys she wanted to use. The evening of the meeting saw her husband away on business and after she had let me in we had a cup of coffee (well I had coffee and she had something a bit stronger to help settle her nerves). Once she had relaxed and I had assembled the Fucking Machine for her in her bedroom we discussed camera angles and tweaked the plan for the evening. She planned on masturbating to start off with whilst talking dirty to her husband on the video before getting to grips with the fucking machine.

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Had a great afternoon with the stunning Princess Kinky Sarah (Twitter: @plaything4u1983). It was her first time with a Fucking Machine and she took to it like a pro. I got lots of shots of her in a number of sexy positions that will be used on the Sexual Positions Page here on

Going back again tomorrow to shoot some more sexy content for this stunning lady from Birmingham. Check out her twitter page and the links to her Adultwork profile and its photos and videos.

All in all a great day.

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