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I am in the very lucky position that I now get bookings and referals through word of mouth and friends sharing my details. Well last nights session was just that. I arrived at a nice house in a quiet street in Nottingham and after ringing the doorbell I was shown in by a very sexy looking 18 year old woman who to be frank looked amazing.

We chatted over a cup of coffee and I did my usual patter about how the sessions work and I tried to find out what she wanted to achieve from the meeting. It turns out that a friend of hers told her about my service and she couldn't stop thinking about being fucked by a machine ever since. She was quite shy and so it took a while for her to relax and open up to me and she told me that she hadn't even used a vibrator before and only used her fingers when masturbating.

I told her that I had the rabbit attachments for the fucking machine dildos and we could try her on that. She jumped at the offer and I then got set up.

After putting the fucking machine together I waited for her to come into the room and when she did my eyes nearly popped out of my head. She was wearing a basque and stockings under a dressing gown. She let the dressing gown drop to the floor and asked me how best to proceed so I told her to get on the bed and layback and I would get the machine into position. She got on the bed and started to stroke her clit as I moved the machine between her legs. She was already very wet and her shaven pussy lips glistened with her juices. I had fitted a rabbit attachment to the dildo I was going to use on her and I asked her if she was ready and she nodded, stil rubbing her clit.

I unlocked the thrust arm and slid the dildo towards her wet pussy lips until it was inside her by about an inch, I then locked the arm in position and told her that I was going to cycle the machine by hand to make sure that she could take the depth of thrust that I had set (about four inches) and she moaned as I turned the motors arm by hand causing the dildo to slide into her stretching her pussy open.

Once it was fully inside her on the in stroke I moved the rabbit stimulator down so that it was about an inch from clit, it wasn't switched on at this stage as I wanted to take it slowly with her. I then continued to cycle the machine so that the dildo slid out of her and I got to see one of my favourite sights. Pussy lips clinging to a dildo and it sliding out from between them slick with pussy juices. After I was happy that the machine was set correctly I switched it on and it slowly started to move in and out of her pussy and she started to play with her breasts and nipples with her eyes closed as the machine did its job.

After about five minutes of this she was panting loudly and moving her hips in time with the thrusts and I asked her if she was ready to cum for the first time on a Fucking Machine and she nodded her head. I stopped the machine at the end of the withdraw stroke so that it was only just inside her pussy. I moved the rabbit attachment an inch towards her clitoris down the dildo and switched it on and it buzzed powerfully. She immediately groaned as the vibrations were transmitted down the dildo and into her pussy.

I then started fucking her with the machine again but this time the rabbit vibrator was buzzing against her clitoris when the dildo was at its deepest point and she came almost instantly with a very powerfull orgasm that rocked her body, she grabbed a pillow and bit into it to try to stiffle her moans. I slowed the machine down as she came and switched the rabbit off. Once she had calmed down I asked her how the rabbit felt and needless to say she had good things to say about it.

The rest of the session consisted of her getting fucked repeatedly in every conceivable position and I took some photos of the machine in her pussy for her boyfriend to enjoy. As with every booking I leave the dildos and attachments with the client as I never re-use them again and I know for a fact that the dildo and rabbit attachment is going to get a hammering. Her parting words were that she would be off to Anne Summers today to get herself a rabbit vibrator.

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Vibrating cock rings for our range of dildosWe are going to introduce vibrating cock rings to our range of attachments that you can order with one of our machines. As with the dildos if you order them then they are yours to keep - we never re-use toys. A vibrating cock ring is ideal to fit to a dildo on one of our Fucking Machines to turn it into a Rabbit Vibrator Fucking Machine.

Imaging how good it would feel to have a set of rabbit ears vibrating against your clitoris on every in stroke of one of our Fucking Machines. It takes Fucking Machine fun to a new level of enjoyment and you will be surprised at how cheap the vibrating cock rings are.

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