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I have to admit here and now that I definitely do have the best job in the world, second to none that I can think of. Jessie-Jo obviously enjoyed herself so much last time that I was invited back to do another photo and video shoot.

This time she was seductively dressed in a school girl outfit and we shot a load of fottage of her on her bed using the F-Machine in various positions and at different angles. Now as your avergae hot blooded male it was so hard to concentrate on what I was doing during the shoots and I had problems walking at the end of them for obvious reasons but I have to say - what a star. She is so professional and is an incredible model, she was an absolute dream to get her infront of my cameras for a second time.

You can check out the footage on her Adultwork profile

It looks like it might be off to Manchester next to do a shoot with Jessie_Jo and one of her best friends Candi-CutieXXX. This job just keeps getting better and better.

On the Fucking Machine front we have added another F-Machine to our fleet of robotic studs which is why our availability calendar is now much greener than before. So what are you waiting for, get your session booked.

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Had a most enjoyable day with Jessie-Jo (Chatgirl Tv, Babestation DW, Babestation Extreme, Sexstation, Rampant, IpureTV,& Playboy TV). What an amazing woman in more ways than just the obvious one. She really has got her act together and is incredibly sexy in person, believe me her pictures don't do her justice.

She was the first person to try out the J-etaime and she looked amazing on it. Dodgy camerawork aside I had an amazing time with this legend. I'm looking forward to next time where she has some really naughty ideas waiting to happen. She will be uploading the pics and videos of the meeting to her adultwork profile for you to enjoy so check her out.

Jessie-Jo MILF

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Had a great afternoon with the stunning Princess Kinky Sarah (Twitter: @plaything4u1983). It was her first time with a Fucking Machine and she took to it like a pro. I got lots of shots of her in a number of sexy positions that will be used on the Sexual Positions Page here on

Going back again tomorrow to shoot some more sexy content for this stunning lady from Birmingham. Check out her twitter page and the links to her Adultwork profile and its photos and videos.

All in all a great day.

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