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Body Safe Sex Toys

I have just had a very interesting conversation on twitter with a sex toy reviewer on the subject of body safe sex toys. This is a very serious subject that deserves a mention on here.

Any insert-able toy or device should be inherently safe and recently a lot of research has gone into the phthalate (softeners that have been linked to many health problems) content of sex toys. The toys that we stock are made by Doc-Johnson in the USA and they are made of Non-Phthalate, Anti-Bacterial Sil-A-Gel. The biggest problem with gel type toys is their porosity and whilst the manufacture states that they are Anti-Bacterial I have started looking at other options.

Now don't get me wrong here what I am talking about is having more choices and that is definitely a good thing, especially the use of silicone instead of other materials such as gels as this has numerous benefits as a sex toy material

Silicone Sex Toys

There are a number of great manufacturers of silicone sex toys such as Tantus and we will be getting some in. I am also toying with the idea of bringing in a fantasy range of toys from, for anyone who doesn't know of this toy range it's an amazing collection of Dragon and alien phallus's. This will add another layer of kink onto our already kinky service.


Silicone toy adaptor for the F-machineWe will be sourcing an extra adaptor system for the end of our rental Fucking Machines to allow you to use any dildo on them, so all of your own toys can be used together with silicone ones. It will be interchangeable so if you have any of the Vac-u-lock system toys you can still use those as both will be supplied with rental machines.


We have now added some body safe silicone dildos to our range of attachments: CLICK HERE

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Renting Makes A Lot Of Sense

As Sex Machines are so expensive it makes a lot of sense to rent one before going on to buy one. Why not try before you buy.
Combination Padlocks

Secure Transit Cases

No one, not even the courier knows what is inside our rental sex machine secure transit cases. The good thing about the cases is that you can secure the machine in it in the house away from prying eyes.
Treat Your Partner Or Yourself

Special Occasions

Renting a sex machine is a great way to organise a special evening, do something different from the norm. Our service is great for satisfying your fantasies and ticking something else off your sexual bucket list.
Gender Neutral

Anyone Can Enjoy It

Anyone can enjoy a fucking machine and whether you are on your own or part of a couple they can add an exciting new dimension to your sexual fun and games.