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Introducing the F-Machine Pro Gen 3

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The ADAM Silicone Dildo from Godemiche The ADAM Silicone Dildo from Godemiche

It looks like you can improve on perfection

We thought we had found the perfect Fucking Machine with the F-Machine Pro Gen 2 which is what all of our rental machines are. But, there is a new kid on the block, and he is making quite a scene.

Let me introduce you to the F-Machine Pro Gen 3 which takes a classic machine and tweaks it for, and we only stock it as it is the only one we are happy with on the market place in its price bracket.

Image showing the pink F-Machine Pro Gen 3

It really is a fantastic machine that is now even better. It now features:

  • Solid steel legs for stability at high speed.
  • New locking clamps that are 400% stiffer than those on the Gen 2 model.
  • A new high-speed motor delivering up to 280RPM./li>
  • Two colour schemes, classic black and flamboyant pink.
  • A new quick release adaptor featuring a Vac-u-lock style barb on the end for rapid dildo changes.
  • Smoother operation through the reduced reciprocating mass.
  • Comes with its own dedicated nylon bag for storage and easy movement.
  • Adjustable thrust rod length and thrust depth of 1-6 inches.
  • Supplied with an 8" hypoallergenic black silicone dildo.

Available for just £549, both models offer amazing performance for that price. Fancy trying and F-machine before parting with your hard earned cash? Why not try our rental service.

Check out the F-Machine Pro Gen 3

Image showing the black F-Machine Pro Gen 3

Get in touch if you fancy trying a sex machine out for yourself, here are some helpful links:

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