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We are probably the only place on the interenet where you can list your second hand sex or fucking machines. You can't list them on e-bay, amazon or gumtree and placing an advert here makes a lot of sense as all of the vistors to this site are looking for sex or fucking machines so they are your ideal buyers.

Adverts listed in the second hand sales section are private adverts and you are not purchasing these machines from us. We are simply providing an advertising platform for them. We suggest using a payment system that provides you with buyer protection such as PayPal or a Credit Card if you are not collecting in person and paying in cash.

Number of second hand machiens sold in 2018 so far: 13

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Second Hand Sex Machines


Sex & Fucking Machines (5)

Buy or list a second hand sex or fucking machine in this category. You can save lots of money buying second hand but always use new attachments and dildos unless you are sure that they have never been used before.

All of these adverts are private sales.

BDSM Equipment (0)

You can add second hand pieces of BDSM equipment here. All of these adverts are private sales.

E-Stim Equipment (0)

Buy or list second hand E-Stim or Electrostimulation equipment in this category. E-Stim can be a lot of fun and people often upgrade their equipment and this section is used to advertise second hand kit. Sell it rather than leave it lying around. All of these adverts are private sales.

GBP 300.00
Machines Age : 6 months
DescriptionFM Gigolo & FM Anchor. Mint Condition.
GBP 375.00
Machines Age : 18 months
DescriptionGreat machine! Works great with all original packaging and also attachment set! All together over £600
GBP 460.00
Machines Age : 1 Year
DescriptionBought without consulting the wife and never used :-( Includes Vac U lock dildo, original box and instructions.
GBP 450 with FREE UK Delivery
Machines Age : 1
DescriptionDildo Fucking Machine
GBP 150.00
Machines Age : Nearly New

Second Hand Machines

Buy Or Sell A Sex Machine

Buy Or Sell A Machine

Buy or sell second hand sex machines here. We are one of the only places on the internet where you can sell items like this and you can do so for as little as £10. Don't forget to bookmark our site.
Save Lots Of Money

Save Lots Of Money

You can save a lot of money if you buy second hand but buying new gives you peace of mind and a warranty. Get new attachments and dildos from us to ensure hygiene with your new machine.
Gender Fluid

Get Some New Attachments

Machines are easy to clean but never trust a second hand attachment, always opt for new dildos and attachments and we stock the best so grab something to go with your machine.

Attachment Advice

Machines are easy to clean and sterilise but most dildos and atachments aren't so grab some new ones to enjoy your new machine with. We carry a great range to choose from and can guarantee discreet delivery.
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