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What makes a good sex or fucking machine?

You should consider all of the features listed below before you part with your hard earned cash. Another good idea is try to speak to people who have used what it is you are considering buying to get great advice "warts and all". A better idea is to try to actually use the toy you are looking for before you buy it - this ploy could save you from wasting a lot of money on something that turns out to be not what it says on the tin. This can be done again by getting in touch with people who own sex machines or for the machines we have you can obviously enlist the help of us and our F-Machine.

Must have features are:

  • Sturdy Construction - It must be built to last and out of reliable materials.
  • Easy To Clean - It is a sex toy after all and so it needs to be easy to keep clean.
  • Adjustable Stroke Length - You need to be able to adjust the length of the thrusts to suit your own body and requirements.
  • Adjustable Speed - An all important speed control should give responsive control and soft start stop features.
  • Adjustable Angle - The fucking machines body or legs should adjust to allow you to use it in different positions.
  • Rapid Toy Changes - You need to be able to change the dildos easily and quickly so that you don't "lose the moment".
  • Dildo Attachment - Stay away from fixed dildo attachments and screw on attachments, both of these limit your enjoyment and choice of attachments. Get a sex machine that uses the Doc Johnson Vacu-lock system as there are hundreds of dildos to choose from that use this system.
  • Safety - The toy should have passed all relevant safety and industry standards.
  • Storage - You also need to consider how you are going to store the fucking machine, does it come apart and store away neatly or does it need a lot of space.
  • Reliability - You need a well made sex machine that is going to give you a lot of enjoyment for a long time to come.
  • Noise - How noisy or quiet is the thing, you don't want to be keeping the neighbours or kids up with the sound of a jackhammer.

Renting Makes A Lot Of Sense

As Sex Machines are so expensive it makes a lot of sense to rent one before going on to buy one. Why not try before you buy.
Combination Padlocks

Secure Transit Cases

No one, not even the courier knows what is inside our rental sex machine secure transit cases. The good thing about the cases is that you can secure the machine in it in the house away from prying eyes.
Treat Your Partner Or Yourself

Special Occasions

Renting a sex machine is a great way to organise a special evening, do something different from the norm. Our service is great for satisfying your fantasies and ticking something else off your sexual bucket list.
Gender Neutral

Anyone Can Enjoy It

Anyone can enjoy a fucking machine and whether you are on your own or part of a couple they can add an exciting new dimension to your sexual fun and games.